My Terms Hire Purchase Plan

Now you’ll never have to dip into your savings or be bogged down by high interest rates again. That’s because Standard has created the most versatile, unbeatable hire purchase (HP) plan on the market just for you!

With “My Terms” you get the ease and comfort of getting everything you want with small, manageable payments. And, Standard will even work with you to provide a customised package that suits your budget.

Here’s why you should choose “MY Terms” Hire Purchase Plan:

Lowest Interest Rate Guaranteed

You get the most competitive interest rate on the market that remains consistent throughout your entire plan.

HP at Cash Price Options

Absolutely no interest is charged on 3 and 6 month cash options.

No Down Payment

Pay nothing down once your account meets our credit criteria.

Lowest Installments Guaranteed

Enjoy smaller, easier payments that suit your budget and stay installment FREE for up to 30 days after the approval of your application.

Flexible Payment Options

We’re giving you more ways to pay! Payment can be made at our Standard Showrooms, online through RBC, FCB, RBL and Scotiabank or at any VIA outlet nationwide. You can choose the option that’s best for you!

Same Day Approval

Your application is approved on the same day, once you meet the credit criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can, however this will be based on your ability to repay the contract within your individual budget constraints.

No, once the installment payment on one or multiple contracts is within a percentage of your disposable income then there is no need to close the contract before opening another. This also depends on the payment history on previous accounts.

Yes, either can work. The holder of the utility bill has to sign a letter of authorization giving permission for use and validating that the applicant resides at the stated address. A copy of the utility bill holder’s ID must also be submitted.

Accounts are approved the same day if you are a current My Terms customer and the information provided can be validated. For new My Terms customers once all documentation has been submitted and information validated, approval will be within one business day.

Documents needed to apply

  • Valid Photo ID
  • Job Letter (no older than 3 months)
  • Payslip (no older than 1 month)
  • Utility Bill or Bank Statement on Customer’s Name (no older than 1 month)
  • Tenancy Agreement and Rent Receipts for last 3 months (if renting)
  • Recent Bank statement (last 3 months and continuous if self-employed)