Brother Computerised Sewing Machine

$1,495 $1,308


The CS-5055PRW is the perfect sewing machine for the aspiring fashion star. This feature-packed computerized machine allows you to sew like a professional with its 50 built-in stitches and superior feed system for thick fabrics including Denim and Tweed. Included with your purchase are seven presser feet for making your Project Runway worthy designs come to life!

LCD Screen Computerized Stitch Selection:
Never sewn before? No problem! With computerized stitch selection, the machine will automatically set the basic tension and stitch length for you. You can then make adjustments to fit your fabric and preference.

50 Built-in Stitches:
Never be stuck with just a straight stitch again. The CS-5055PRW includes decorative, heirloom, and utility stitches. The stitches can be used for up to 87 different stitch functions.

5 Buttonhole Options:
Pick the perfect buttonhole for your project with 5 different options.

7 Feed Dog System:
The superior feed dog system allows you to sew on thick fabric, such as denim, effortlessly. This machine is also Twin Needle capable; a must for creating fashion jeans.

Free Arm:
Sew sleeves and cuffs with the convertible sewing surface. Simply remove the attachment/storage box to sew with the free arm.

Free Motion Sewing:
A must have for any quilter! The CS-5055PRW allows you to drop the feed dogs and do free motion sewing with just a press of the stitch selector. This is the feature that allows quilters to create awesome stippling.

LED Sewing Light:
This bright LED light is a must have. The light is bright enough to see every stitch without causing eyestrain. With this light, you could sew in the dark!

Quickset Bobbin:
This feature allows you to see your bobbin as you sew. You will always be able to tell how much thread is left on your bobbin without removing it. The Quickset system is also the fastest and easiest way to load and reload your bobbin. The CS-5055PRW also includes the automatic Bobbin Winding system so you may use your machine to quickly refill a bobbin.

Automatic Thread Cutter:
With a press of a button, the CS5055PRW will cut your needle and bobbin thread for you. This feature saves thread and time. No more 6 inch long thread tails or looking around for tiny scissors.

Automatic Needle Threader:
With the built-in needle threader, you can thread your machine in seconds without causing eyestrain.